The Language of Man

The story of creativity is the story of who we are, a story still unfolding. It’s time we come to understand it and learn how each of us can contribute our verse. It’s time we understand this language of man and learn to speak creativity. This book shows you how.


Gold Medal, Axiom Business Book Awards, Entrepreneurship (2017); Silver Medal, Nautilus Book Awards, Creative Process (2016); 1st Runner-up, Eric Hoffer Award, Business and Grand Prize Finalist (2017); Montaigne Medal, Finalist, Most thought-provoking and Legacy award (2017); Foreword Reviews Indies Finalist, Career and Self Help (2016); Best Book Awards, Finalist, Entrepreneurship (2016).


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Praise for The Language of Man. Learning to Speak Creativity

“Utterly captivating… Backed by wide-ranging research from neuroscience to philosophy and the engaging stories of some of the most creative people on the planet, Robertson shows how creativity is a mindset, a habit, and a choice … bringing the vaunted notion of ‘genius’ out of the clouds and into our everyday lives.”

Brigid Schulte, New York Times bestselling author, Overwhelmed, Director, Better Life Lab, New America

The Language of Man is a book about discovery, it’s a book about value, too. Rather than discover some trite or stagnant “formula” for creativity, Larry Robertson opens us up to the mindset and the habit of seeing the possible – something every one of us needs to embrace, now more than ever.”

Gene Kahn, Founder, Cascadian Farms, and Small Planet Foods

“In the current environment, where change is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, the demand for creativity as a survival skill is critical. Robertson’s insightful book meets an urgent need to better understand the nature of creativty, how we can all expand our creative capacity, and how this powerful force can be harnessed for good.”

Diana Wells, President, Ashoka

“Fantastic and extraordinarily valuable. By ‘reimagining’ creativity as something fundamental to the human endeavor and an innate ability triggered by openness to the beauty and wonder of this world, Larry Robertson elegantly reframes the entire debate about how to foster innovation and genius in us all.”

Gary Paul Nabhan, MacArthur Fellow, Founder of Native Seeds/SEARCH, and author of Cross-pollinations: The Marriage of Science and Poetry

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