Rebel Leadership

It’s not the obvious, and it’s not the cult of personality around individual leaders enabling organizations as wildly different as Airbnb, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Pixar, World Central Kitchen, the Icelandic National Men’s Soccer Team, Warby Parker, Grameen Bank, Microsoft, Foldit, and others to outperform their competitors right now. It’s the mindset of rebel leadership. At the heart of that mindset are five patterns that together define a framework for how to thrive in this turbulent new century. Rebel Leadership shows you those patterns and more importantly, how to powerfully put them to use.


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Rebel Leadership was recently chosen Outstanding Book of the Year by the Independent Author Network (career/occupation), and honored with a Finalist Award in Business by the Eric Hoffer Book Awards.

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Praise for Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times

“There are few skills as important as leadership – a skill we must constantly relearn, every one of us, now more than ever. This book is your guide and compass.”

Kevin Guskiewicz, Chancellor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“There is no more timely or more important book for those who lead in these uncertain times. Uncertainty is our new normal, or as Robertson writes, our new abnormal – leaders either accept this or perish. This brilliant, forward-thinking book, its vivid examples, and deep insights, will help you to not only survive uncertainty, but to thrive in it.”

Tom Koulopoulos, author of Revealing the Impossible and The Gen Z Effect

Rebel Leadership offers a refreshing approach to leading in an environment where we can no longer wait to ride out the waves of uncertainty. With a blend of surprising insights, actionable ideas, and vivid storytelling, it’s a must-read for leaders looking for new ways to navigate an ever-changing business landscape.”

Teri Evans, former Columnist Desk Editor, Inc. Magazine

“Nexus is defined as ‘a series of connections linking important points.’ This book is a nexus of intimate conversations with some of the most respected thought leaders of our time, diverse and powerful research, and pivotal insights and lessons-learned. A nexus is also ‘the central and most important place.’ Rebel Leadership takes you to that place. It is a much-needed life raft for leaders of all ages and stages.”

Sam Horn, Founder, CEO the Intrigue Agency, bestselling author, Got Your Attention?

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