A Deliberate Pause

A Deliberate Pause (the book) reveals the power of a deliberate pause (the action) while unveiling unexpected truths about entrepreneurship itself. Through example, exploration, and analysis of the innovative thoughts and achievements of more than 200 seasoned entrepreneurial leaders, Larry Robertson shows how each of us can adopt the practice and the mindset to better our lives, our species, and our world.


Winner, International Book Award, Leadership, and Finalist, Entrepreneurship (2011); First Horizon Award Finalist, Superior Debut Author (2012); Eric Hoffer Award Finalist, Legacy Non-fiction (2012); Book of the Year Finalist, Entrepreneurship (2010); Best Books of 2010, Finalist, Entrepreneurship and Cover Design; Best Book Trailer, Top 5 (2010); Winner, Igniting the Flame Award, Entrepreneurship (2011)


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Praise for A Deliberate Pause: Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress

A Deliberate Pause is thought provoking, intelligent, and inspiring. If you are thinking of starting a business or nonprofit, or innovating in any area of your life, this book will offer invaluable insights that inspire courage to fulfill your potential.”

Caren DeWitt Merrick, Co-founder, WebMethods

“If as a country we want to lead in the 21st century and beyond, we’re going to need entrepreneurs. If as a species we want to resolve the global challenges we face, then all of us, not just a few, need to think entrepreneurially. Larry Robertson’s A Deliberate Pause not only awakens us to these truths, it shows how each of us can actively engage.”

JJ Ramberg, former host, MSNBC’s Your Business, Cofounder, GoodSearch and GoodPods

“What is powerful about Robertson’s book, is the way it challenges the more narrow meaning of entrepreneurship and easily translated that meaning into inspired action steps anyone can take. Everyone can practice entrepreneurial thinking, even if you aren’t a practicing entrepreneur.”

Ray Leach, CEO JumpStart

“No matter how you are involved in the entrepreneurial journey, READ THIS BOOK! But read it slowly! There are too many powerful insights to absorb in one sitting. So instead, let this be the method by which you master taking a deliberate pause and move seamlessly between action and reflection. In doing so, you will have already learned one of the most important skills of great entrepreneurs.”

Bijoy Goswami, Author, The Human Fabric, Founder, Bootstrap Network

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